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It’s 24 by 7 by 365 by forever and there are all these young kids out here trying to kick your ass.

—Mark Cuban

The first rule of successful collaboration: Make the right first impression

You are reading an article from The art of collaboration series, to read more you can visit the series homepage. They key to this is mastering the art of networking. Whilst many connections can be made via email or telephone, at some point or another everyone will be in a position where face to face…

What makes a good business mentor? -

A wealth of experience, a good listener, a track record of making mistakes and learning from them? Have a look at what Annalisa and Mark believe a good mentor is all about then let us know your opinion…

Instagram Ads

We can’t deny that social media is a great way to engage with new & existing customers, however, are ads taking the fun out of it! Tell us what you think about Instagram offering ads? As a business would you use it?

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—Michael Dell